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MGAC Welcomes Director of Talent Acquisition, Esther Moasser

Today on the blog, we are pleased to introduce our new Director of Talent Acquisition, Esther Moasser. Based in Washington, DC, she will be focused on growing, supporting, and developing our dynamic team—MGAC’s wellspring of success.

Esther has spent the last 11 years recruiting top talent across a wide range of industries. Within that time, she has successfully stood up acquisition departments, led high-performing talent acquisition teams, and guided executive-level strategies for company culture enhancement.

“We’re thrilled to have Esther join team MGAC,” says Chief Human Resources Officer Bryan Otte. “Her demonstrated ability to not only find the very best talent but truly develop and retain that talent, will be invaluable to the firm as we continue to grow. We’re looking to find people who will thrive in those roles and make a real impact. That’s the ethos Esther brings to her work, and we’re eager to lean on her expertise as we continue to build on a culture that champions industry-leading talent.”

“MGAC’s workplace is award-winning for a reason, and it’s evident at every turn that it’s a company people love to be a part of,” says Esther. “It’s wonderful to step into an environment that truly prioritizes talent and workplace culture in that way. It makes my job much more rewarding, and I’m excited to work alongside a leadership team that is so fiercely committed to putting its people first.”

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