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Stephanie Cramer Joins MGAC as Vice President of Talent Acquisition Management

MGAC is excited to announce the hire of Stephanie Cramer, our new Vice President of Talent Acquisition Management. In this role, Stephanie will be formalizing MGAC’s recruiting process and strategy around how to build tomorrow’s team, as well as working on career progression development for our existing employees.

Stephanie comes to MGAC with over 15 years of experience across talent acquisition, human resources, operations, and project management. She built her career in the technology sector and is eager to start working now in the A/E/C industry.

“I feel the timing of my joining MGAC is uncanny. I have spent many years focused on talent acquisition and materializing leadership plans into action around Human Resources, specifically, recruiting has been a passion of mine.” Stephanie says. “These past few weeks have been like no others. They have drawn the world’s attention to the inequity of our society. For us, they have caused us to pause and take an honest look into the fabric of our teams, corporate culture, and our daily actions. I am excited to incorporate principles of the Black Lives Matter movement into the DNA of our Human Resources strategy. I’m determined to embrace our voices.”

Stephanie firmly believes that talent acquisition is a psychology-based career, and that success is found not in matching resumes with job descriptions, but in being able to connect with people, understand culture, and match accordingly.

“MGAC’s talented staff is our company’s reason for being, as well as our path to success, and we are so excited to welcome Stephanie to our team,” says Mark Anderson, Founder and President of MGAC. “Stephanie’s approach is focused around consultative listening, finding the right talent, and developing the careers and skills of our existing employees.”

Stephanie was born on a farm in Missouri, though she has spent the last 15 years in Washington DC. She currently lives on Capitol Hill with her husband and their two children.

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