White Plains Hospital, Campus Transformation, Center for Advanced Medicine and Surgery

White Plains, New York, United States



Project Summary

In 2015, White Plains Hospital (WPH) in Westchester County, New York, embarked on the most ambitious campus modernization campaign in its 127-year history. The Campus Transformation project channels a quarter-billion-dollar investment into state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies. The vision? A fast-moving, modern environment with the tools to serve the hospital’s wide metropolitan region. Central to the revitalization was the new Center  for Advanced Medicine and Surgery (CAMS), a cutting-edge outpatient facility featuring the latest technology for testing, clinical programs, and surgery.

MGAC's Role

MGAC was brought on to develop a technology strategy for CAMS. After interviews with key stakeholders, we developed an expanded blueprint for technology that would provide long-term flexibility and meet the varied needs of a multidisciplinary team of specialists. This blueprint plotted the patient journey, layering in the systems necessary for a seamless experience. Considering the tech’s vital role, the blueprint served as an essential guide and communication tool for all involved in the project.

Building on this blueprint, the team developed a budget to minimize ongoing operational costs. Proposed tech components were then integrated into the building’s construction plans and IT platforms, with careful attention to deployment schedules.


Time was not on our side with this project, and would prove to be one of our biggest challenges. It’s ideal that our involvement on a technology project begins in the early planning stages—often years before ground is broken. However, when the hospital called on MGAC, construction on CAMS was already well underway. Unable to craft technology solutions in tandem with the building design, our team instead had to fit solutions to an approved, in-progress design. Soon, the issue of timing would strike once again—this time in the form of global, pandemic-prompted supply chain hurdles. Despite challenges obtaining some essential equipment and materials, we successfully navigated these obstacles within the best possible timeline.

Success Factors

Today, CAMS offers an exciting glimpse into what the next chapter in healthcare could look like. The nine-story, 250,000 SF facility strikes a rare balance between bold advancement and warm, personal care, with tech thoughtfully embedded at every step. Every day, White Plains patients receive world-class care from some of the nation’s most sought-after specialists in imaging, cardiology, electrophysiology, urology, non-oncological infusion, and cardiothoracic, orthopedic, and spine surgery. With an already rich history, White Plains Hospital is now at the forefront of modern healthcare—an evolution that will greatly benefit the 200,000 patients it treats every year.