Scripps Health, Capital Program

California, United States



Project Summary

MGAC worked on projects at two of the three sites which make up Scripps Health’s major capital program: Mercy Hospital San Diego and Memorial Hospital La Jolla. While the projects are separate and distinct, there was a desire to buy-out major trades across all three campuses for consistency of price, final design, and quality, even though each campus has its own design team and its own general contractor. This was done in a piecemeal manner on a trade-by-trade basis over a long timeline as design work was completed and made ready for bidding.

MGAC worked in collaboration with the general contractors at Mercy and La Jolla to identify the scope of work for each trade package, as well as the allocation of design cost between Design-Build and Design-Assist subcontractors and design team engineers. In addition, we were responsible for understanding how general conditions and general requirements costs are allocated across multiple parties to ensure there were no gaps or duplications of cost. This required flexibility of cost reporting, as well as clear definitions of scope to ensure that the overall budgets can be tracked and managed correctly.

These projects were constructed in a phased and sequenced multi-year timeline that is interconnected and interdependent. MGAC provided both individual project costs and overall program-wide costs which incorporate the various temporary works requirements, escalation for individual project timelines, and multi-trade packages spread across the individual building projects. Our team established a single cost report that allowed the cost data to be reviewed in multiple forms, either by project or by trade across all buildings. This allowed Scripps Health to quickly track estimated costs against budget, as well as monitor costs being developed by the general contractor.

Working with the engineer, we also developed a Lifecycle Cost Analysis examining the provision of capital expenditure for energy systems, including chilled beams, ducted return air, Power over Ethernet lighting solutions, and heat recovery central chilling.

Construction at the Mercy Hospital San Diego campus includes a new hospital tower, hospital support building, medical office building, subterranean parking, and sitework. These projects combine both OSHPD-1 and OSHPD-3 buildings, as well as non-OSHPD projects with a combined area of 850,000 SF.

Projects on the Memorial Hospital La Jolla campus included a seven-story, 420,000 SF patient tower building, a connector between the new and existing towers, MEP upgrades to the existing Central Energy Plant, and the development of a 132,000 SF site. The patient tower features a women’s health center with labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care, obstetrical surgery, postpartum beds, and a nursery.