MGAG's Institute of Cancer Research Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery

Institute of Cancer Research, Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery

Sutton, England

Project Summary

The Institute of Cancer Research’s (ICR) Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery is a state-of-the-art facility and working space, developed over years to cater to highly specialised research. It houses a global centre of expertise in anti-evolution cancer therapies and welcomes renowned researchers to it’s purpose-build collaboration spaces.

MGAC's Role

MGAC worked with the Institute of Cancer Research throughout initial development of the building’s concept, and provided cost management services for throughout construction and further post-completion works. We worked closely with the client to help ensure the best use of its funding, providing continual advice, reports for funding applications, and ad-hoc project guidance. Managing a single stage procurement process, we selected a quality contractor with highly relevant experience at a competitive cost.


As fundraising progressed for the development, so, too, did research technologies. Naturally, the facility would only be complete once its labs were fully capable, so it was necessary to re-evaluate costs as time went on. Initial costings and feasibility assessments required continual revision. This posed challenges to the project, as it also necessitated the procurement of additional funding.

Although these types of cancer research labs were new to the United Kingdom, MGAC came to the project with a strong background in similar projects. We had also built a great deal of trust with this client, with whom we had worked on a series of prior office developments. That trust helped us explore new frontiers as a team.

Success Factors

MGAC’s experience and problem-solving skills were vital to this project. By keeping close awareness of the project’s development from its earliest feasibility tests before fundraising began, MGAC was armed with an intimate knowledge of its unique challenges and objectives. A clear project brief kept us on track for a smooth delivery, and the facility is in use by world-class researchers as we speak.