Historic City Mansion

United States

Project Summary

MGAC lead a team in the creation of a unique metropolitan estate for a global business leader. Prioritizing both aesthetic preference and privacy, MGAC helped craft custom solutions to meet high security standards inconspicuously, allowing guests to focus on architectural details and a globally-sourced art and furniture collection, rather than security systems.

With a team of world-renowned designers and highly-specialized service providers, MGAC managed the design, procurement, and renovation of a significant historic urban residence.

The house features state-of-the-art electronic home control for lighting, HVAC, security, and fire protection. Stone materials were directly sourced from Italian quarries, and include complex, curved stone staircases cut from blocks.

Our team managed the design, procurement, and installation of these platforms, taking care to integrate them into the home’s historic elements. The process has required significant collaboration with local historic preservation authorities and zoning agencies.

The project includes extensive site and building security measures, a very high level of fit and finish, excavation of below-grade spaces, installation of a large geothermal field, and preservation of tree cover. Located in a densely populated, major urban area, this project provides the Client with privacy and establishes large, secure outdoor spaces for the Client and their guests.

Having successfully dealt with multiple major design changes, the project was completed in accordance with the Client’s wishes and has already hosted heads of state and global celebrities.