Multi-State Residential Portfolio

United States

Project Summary

Growing from an initial engagement solving site drainage problems with the client’s main residential compound, MGAC was asked to broaden its role to become the primary project management entity delivering new residential projects, as well as capital improvement projects across the client’s portfolio of 15 residences throughout the United States.

The Client engaged MGAC to undertake a multi-year site search and site selection process to meet new Client-driven requests. MGAC ultimately found a previously unidentified potential site in a major metropolis, and was dispatched to physically evaluate the site with less than one day’s notice. Based on MGAC’s favorable evaluation of the site, the Client traveled to the location to close on an $80M acquisition of a condominium unit.

To date, MGAC has performed more than $240M in construction projects for this Client, on a variety of properties. Projects included seismic retrofits of the main residence, an entertainment / music studio, athletic facilities, and media and entertainment structures on the estate. Projects also included repair of water damage from a leak that occurred in an adjacent unit in the Time Warner Center in New York, procurement and retrofit of an historic 18th century home in New Orleans, management of the design and construction of a Zen rock garden and Japanese tea house on the main residential compound, retrofit of a private music recording studio with updated audio equipment, and renovation of an iconic, architecturally significant home.