Secure Executive Office

United States

Project Summary

MGAC managed the programming, design, and construction of this private, post-retirement executive office for a global business leader. Given the publicity surrounding the leader’s retirement, and the extensive logistics involved in that corporate transition, MGAC was asked to undertake the procurement and installation of all furnishings, including the provision of a specialty book collection suited to the owner’s taste.

The 22,000 SF ‘museum-quality’ project includes a high-definition broadcast studio for the Client’s frequent media appearances, food services, athletic facilities, protective spaces, a large high-technology boardroom, and a 1,500 SF data center. Security features include card readers and biometric access controls, undetectable surveillance, and ballistically-rated spaces and glazing.

Located on the top floor of an occupied office building, the project site had limited staging areas and required extensive night work. The space features extensive architectural millwork, stone, textile, and glass; multiple wood burning fireplaces; and skylights cut through the
structure to access daylight. The project required complex building modifications, including the removal of multiple reinforced concrete columns, necessitating careful coordination with adjoining floor occupants and intricate construction phasing to avoid disruption.

Tasked at the last minute by the estate managers, MGAC spent a four-day sprint researching the Owner’s interests and purchasing hundreds of books suited to those tastes to complete the office’s library. Acquiring new books, and hunting down old and even first editions, MGAC helped create what felt like an established, “worn-in” library.