Family Island Retreat

United States

Project Summary

MGAC managed the pre-development and subsequent design, construction, and furnishing of this 400-acre, 16-building remote island estate for a high-profile family. The remote setting of the island—accessible only by multi-hour, highly infrequent boat traffic, or by helicopter—provided the privacy the client required in order to walk and bike freely without facing a security threat, but made project execution particularly challenging.

The Client’s residence—a modest, two bedroom—was designed to allow unimpeded views of the pristine surroundings, while still providing unparalleled safety and privacy. Security structures are discreetly spread throughout the property, virtually invisible to the Owners as they mountain bike, fish, and swim in complete privacy.

The untouched state of the island meant that there was no existing power, water, sewage, or connectivity infrastructure prior to our involvement. The project’s environmental impacts required a three-year coordination effort with relevant governmental agencies—including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, State Department of Ecology, State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the County, and two environmental groups—to allow construction logistics to proceed. The installation of a material barge delivery ramp alone required years of entitlement work given shoreline tidal changes and endangered fish spawning seasons.

The scope also required extensive civil construction site work; permitting and installation of underground and underwater fiber optic broadband and security cabling; a new, environmentally-sensitive water and sewage treatment plant, and on-site power generation.

Given the remoteness, and difficulty accessing the property, MGAC was charged with procuring, delivering, and installing everything—from furniture items and technology down to the Client’s preferred silverware, soap, and toothpaste—allowing the family to escape the stressors of celebrity and enjoy a simpler lifestyle at their serene getaway.