City Penthouse

United States

Project Summary

MGAC led a team in outfitting this 25,000 SF penthouse, the crown jewel in a five-star hotel. A global business leader and philanthropist, the Client required a unique combination of public and private spaces to accommodate their needs for both comfort and privacy.

The program needs of the Client—including the ability to host 200 guests at private dinners, space for the installation of a significant Alexander Calder mobile, creation of a new rooftop swimming pool, incorporation of private elevators both from street level to the unit and within the multi-story penthouse unit—created significant complications throughout the hotel tower design and construction.

Given the penthouse was part of an existing hotel, the developer was focused on maintaining the hotel brand. As a result, the family’s security and elevator access requirements were not being met. MGAC was able to provide an ongoing assessment of risks and negotiate with the developer to ensure they met and exceeded all safety, security, and access requirements.

MGAC provided leadership of a large team of subconsultants, covering the creation of a swimming pool, noise cancellation technology, creation of a private rooftop helipad, and security. By carefully budgeting, and guiding the Client through the decision-making process by presenting them different potential solutions and providing all relevant information to make an informed decision, MGAC was able to lead the Client to a highly successful project outcome.