Private Garden

United States

Project Summary

MGAC provided project management services to construct a private garden adjacent to the client’s main residence. Access to a verdant retreat was highly valued by the global leader, providing them with outdoor space and a play area for the family, unencumbered by the fear of onlookers or paparazzi.

The three-acre, $22M garden features activity spaces for use by the Client’s family, natural expanses for rest and contemplation, and framed vistas to provide a sense of openness and scale. Unique aspects of the project include a moss garden, maze, reflecting pool, mature 30-foot transplanted redwoods, multiple water features, hardscape areas, hiking and biking trails, and specialty manicured gardens.

The project scope included the removal of four existing residential structures, and re-zoning of the properties into a single lot of record to create space for the private garden. The project also created blast radius setbacks from adjoining city streets, and other imperceptible security enhancements. The garden includes extensive below-grade structures for utilities, fiber optic communications loops, and buried vehicular and blast-resistant structures.