Acorns Children’s Hospice

Wallsal, England

Project Summary

Acorns Children’s Hospice provides high-quality palliative care for children and support for their families. Faced with the threat of closure due to financial difficulties, Acorns received public donations of £2 million in 2020 to save the hospice and improve its facilities. This led to refurbished bedrooms, a family care suite, expanded dining space, and a purpose-built arts and crafts room, ‘Isabella’s Place’, plus new ventilation systems and other infrastructure. Aesthetic changes brought a new light to the building, which is a vital part of holistic care.

MGAC's Role

As Cost Manager and Project Manager, MGAC led the professional team to upgrade the facility, working with the charity to help define its needs. Keenly aware that all funding was coming from donated funds, we worked to procure materials and services at the best possible value at every turn.


We quickly discovered that the building needed more work than even the client could have anticipated, resulting in major changes to design and construction following initial cost estimates. Major internal reconfigurations were required to connect bedrooms and add new end-of-life and family suite, as well as additional roof works, condensate pipework for drainage, water piping to supply heating and cooling units, and a new fire detection system.

Success Factors

Our experience in the healthcare and research facilities was invaluable when it came to meeting the clients’ technological requirements. We were able to assist the client in establishing the true needs of the facility, following their initial request. We aligned essential upgrades and aesthetic improvements, adapting cost plans with the client.