Waterfront Residence

United States

Project Summary

MGAC served as project manager for this state-of-the-art, high technology family campus retreat located in the Pacific Northwest. The project was designed to allow entire walls of the building to move, essentially erasing distinctions between indoors and outdoors.

Multiple stone fireplaces and seating areas facing the water denote the 6,000 SF building as the crux of the family campus. The central gathering area, built in the initial phase of construction, contains communal dining and kitchen, media theater, fitness center, a yoga studio, and spa facilities. The project also encompassed construction of children’s play structures, a new granite and boulder lined swimming pool integrated into the landscape, extensive landscaping including the installation of over 500 trees up to 50 feet in height, and integration of natural streams and waterfalls creating an intensely natural wooded retreat.

The waterfront property was acquired in phases, ultimately growing to 24 acres. This acquisition included land on both sides of a state highway. For security and setback, MGAC worked with the design team to obtain permission to relocate the state highway 200 feet further from the Client’s private spaces and buildings. Construction was undertaken, including the development of the only privately financed highway overpass in the state, allowing the Owners to turn off the highway into a meandering forested lane, driving beneath the overpass, into a wooded retreat sheltered from the noise of traffic. A redundant fiber optic ring infrastructure was embedded within all buildings, including an integrated security system and fully automated windows and doors connected via duct banks and utility tunnels to an on-site data center.