Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Cultural Center and Exhibits

Washington, DC, United States



Project Summary

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOCMF) is an education, research and human rights non-profit organization devoted to commemorating the more than 100 million victims of communism around the world and to pursuing the freedom of those still living under totalitarian regimes. MGAC worked with this client for two years to identify the location of the museum and cultural center. The client performed due diligence on a historic leased property and executed the lease (through MGAC support) to build approximately 3,000 SF, $7.3M, of multi-media exhibits within the leased premises. This is a multi-use cultural facility that has exhibits, a conference center, boardroom, support offices, café, and bookstore.

MGAC acted as owner’s representative for this evolving non-profit. The client relied on MGAC to be an extension of the staff, to drive their mission forward. MGAC has been involved from the beginning to stand up the entire team, assisting with the space search, leading the due diligence effort, preparing a project plan, and managing the design team that consists of an exhibit designer, architect, engineer, media producers, exhibit fabricator, general contractor, furniture procurement, and multiple vendors.