Under Armour, Global Headquarters Campus

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Project Summary

In 2016, Under Armour acquired approximately 50 acres in the Baltimore Peninsula (formerly Port Covington) neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland to develop a new global headquarters. The new location will centralize the company’s functions in one location, greatly enhancing operational efficiencies and innovation capabilities, while becoming more sustainable and further demonstrating the company’s commitment to Baltimore City.

MGAC was selected by Under Armour as a strategic partner to work with Under Armour’s Corporate Real Estate (CRE) team to manage and oversee the development of the new, ground-up, 280,000 SF, five-story headquarters building, with a track and field stadium at the center of the campus.

This state-of-the-art project is inspired and underpinned by Under Armour’s desire to build an innovative, sustainable, and accessible space, reflective of its global leading brand. The headquarters needs to foster the development of new technologies and exciting products, but also serve as a functional space where the public can connect with the brand in person. The overall complexity of this project has required a high degree of coordination and unparalleled teamwork, particularly regarding the planning and sourcing of sustainable systems and materials that form the project’s next-level green efforts.

Under Armour is targeting Net-Zero Energy and LEED® Platinum certification for the headquarters building, a rarity for projects of this scale, by incorporating innovative features, such as geothermal wells and mass timber that reduce the need for steel and concrete, as well as rainwater harvesting systems. The headquarters facility will enhance its high-performance, glazed-curtain-wall façade with a massive solar array overlaying the entire canopy roof. A portion of the building will be covered by a green roof, furthering the facility’s extensive sustainability features. The interior, meanwhile, will include cutting-edge audio-visual technology, a performance center for teammates and athletes, and a flagship retail store on the ground floor that will provide job opportunities to the local community.

The stadium is equally impressive, composed of board-formed concrete with a curved, photovoltaic canopy. It will be outfitted with a multipurpose turf field and state-of-the-art track, as well as adjacent basketball courts. In addition to serving as a training and testing ground for Under Armour’s innovation, product development and sports marketing teams, the 1,400-seat stadium will be used to provide access to sport for the community.

Intended for use as the primary contact point for welcoming people to Under Armour’s new global headquarters’ campus, the building will be its beacon, and will enable the consolidation of all Baltimore-based corporate employees into one location.