Prologis UK Ltd., Prologis Park Hams Hall Plot DC1

Birmingham, England

Project Summary

Completed in 2019, this project was part of a multi-site redevelopment of a former EON B power station. MGAC worked with the client, Prologis UK Ltd., to create a sophisticated base for the arriving tenant, Jaguar Land Rover. 

We worked with the team to construct a lofty, single-storey warehouse production unit, two-storey office accommodation, a two-storey warehouse pod office, a gatehouse, and access roads, as well as a CAT A interior fit-out, landscaping and drainage works, fencing, solar panel and sprinkler installations, and further infrastructure. 

MGAC's Role

MGAC provided project management services as employer’s agent and contract administrator, we liaised with the client and professional team, overseeing works, and ensuring the professional team to ensure the accurate delivery of designs.


This was a technically complex project with several stakeholders. It was exciting for the whole team to work with the plot as a blank slate, building something so advanced from the ground-up. This certainly required careful cost management, as quality could not be lost in the mix.

Success Factors

Our people skills brought a lot to this project. MGAC was the key liaison between the project contractor, developer and tenants’ representatives throughout development. As chair of monthly progress meetings, we kept a keen awareness of any project challenges and changes. As proactive communicators, this meant the client did, too.