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On Site: Summer 2019 Updates From T-Mobile’s HQ Renovation


It’s been a busy summer on the ground at T-Mobile’s Bellevue Headquarters as work on the new campus continues. As project managers for the expansion and renovation project, we love to celebrate milestones and there have been quite a few in recent weeks! We thought we’d share some on-the-ground dispatch of how things are looking today!

Building One’s New Front Door Is Coming Along!

Building one, is slated to get a brand new entrance which will serve as the new “front door” to the campus. It’s important to T-Mobile, which prides itself on being the “uncarrier,” to set the tone for employees coming to work that this isn’t your typical office space and this vibrant front door is going to do just that! With steel going up, it won’t be long until this all comes to life!

The Inside of Building One Has a Whole New Look

Of course, what will have the most impact on employees is the experience they’ll have when they enter work each day and this building is now designed to ensure more flexibility and collaboration workspaces, and more ways to have fun. For a look at what this building will now offer employees, check out the latest video from T-Mobile’s VP of Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Darcey Estes.

New Food Kiosks and a Grand Staircase Are Under Construction In Building 4NP!

It’s no secret that every employee enjoys lunchtime as a way to clear their mind, recharge, and connect with coworkers. As a part of the renovation, new food kiosks which will be a main feature of an ever-changing food hall, are being installed in building 4NP.

A grand staircase is always a show-stopping architectural feature and, now that the floor in building two has been opened up, we’re one step closer to seeing that happen!

The grand staircase serves as a platform for lectures, performances, all-hands and meetings. The innovative new redesign of the amenity spaces will focus on creating more collaboration and will have a variety of co-working areas, coffee shops, an ever-changing food hall, and many other third-space areas with comfy chairs that will serve as great spots to foster conversations and problem-solving.

There’s so much happening on the ground each and every day on this campus and we can’t wait to share more updates as we reach more milestones alongside T- Mobile, Anderson Construction, and Gensler Architects in this exciting renovation!



Hi. Welcome to Building One, at T-Mobile’s Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. I’m Darcey Estes, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities. This building got a top to bottom renovation. I mean, it hasn’t been touched in over 25 years. We are so proud to finally reveal our work. We have been working hard to create a space that is beautiful, innovative, collaborative, and really represents our brand and is going to support how our employees work.

Let’s talk about co-working spaces. On our first floor, working side by side with your coworkers is top of mind. It’s set up to provide our employees flexibility and choice, and where and how they do their day-to-day work. There are high top tables, picnic tables, even lounge seating. All you have to do is walk in, hang up your coat, and get to work.

There is so much going on with this campus renovation, and this is just the beginning. I hope you are as excited as we are, and I can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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