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MGAC on the Move: Publica Properties, 318 Oxford Street


The building process is complex and comes with common—and not-so-common—challenges. Learn more about what we do as Project Managers in our bi-monthly video series, MGAC on the Move. For each episode, a different member of our team gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at one of their current projects. Now let’s get moving!

Discover the remarkable transformation of the iconic 1930s art deco gem, 318 Oxford Street, as MGAC’s Andrew Agbo gives us a behind the scenes tour. Formerly the House of Fraser department store, this 250,000 SF building is evolving into a vibrant mixed-use development featuring retail spaces, offices, a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views, an external terrace, and a cutting-edge gym. As the project progresses over the next 24 months, expect a grand entrance through a double-height reception hall, with ongoing demolition and construction efforts shaping the future. The lower levels will house a new gym with a 25-meter swimming pool, showcasing the commitment to wellness. Structural enhancements, such as reinforced concrete for the foundation and additional steelwork, are underway, preparing the space for a new raised access floor and improved ventilation systems. The upcoming eight-floor extension promises an elegant addition to the skyline, balancing modernity with a nod to its historic roots.


Hello, I’m Andrew Agbo. I’m a Project Manager at MGAC. I’m here today at our project, 318 Oxford Street, in London for our client, Publica Properties. Let’s get moving.

318 Oxford Street is an iconic art deco building constructed in 1937. The 250,000 square foot building will be reimagined as a mixed-use development of retail, offices, rooftop restaurant, terrace, and gym. MGAC is providing Project and Cost Management, as well as Health + Safety services as Principal Designer. Once complete, you will enter through a double-height reception hall. Demolition is being undertaken throughout, with re-construction proposed over the next two years. The new gym’s 25-meter pool is currently being excavated. New reinforced concrete is being poured and new steelwork installed. Additional plant will require the creation of new risers allowing increased ventilation rates; an important addition for post-pandemic life. The existing façade will be repaired and extension will comprise of a new façade and a lightweight rooftop construction.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s happening here at 318 Oxford Street. Follow us to see our next move.

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