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On Site: MGAC + Andersen Construction Talk T-Mobile Headquarters

T-Mobile’s Seattle / Bellevue campus has been overtaken by magenta hard hats and magenta vests worn by the on-the-ground teams of MGAC and Andersen Construction. In recent months, MGAC and Andersen Construction have worked closely together to help breathe new life into the T-Mobile headquarters. As project managers for the renovation, we are tasked with shepherding the three-year renovation to the finish line, delivering T-Mobile the headquarters of its dreams — one that better reflects the brand’s energy and innovative spirit.

One of the most inspiring parts of our job is collaborating with folks who are experts in their respective fields. While we oversee timelines, review budgets, assist with move management, and many other details in between, we marvel at seeing the client’s vision being executed by its other project partners. At T-Mobile, the Andersen Construction team is responsible for the physical renovation itself, pouring their time and effort into quite literally getting the project off the ground. They share our values and goals, and have become immersed in T-Mobile’s world, just as we have. We thought we’d sit down for a chat with Tyson Byers, a project manager at Andersen, about his role on the project and favorite elements of the renovation.

One Big, Magenta Team:

The T-Mobile campus spans nearly 1 million SF, with multiple buildings serving unique purposes, and thousands of employees. Undertaking a renovation project of this scale requires every team member on the ground to work in lockstep along every step of the way. From our perspective, this collaborative process with Andersen has been an easy one, and according to Byers, that feeling is mutual.

“Working with MGAC on the T-Mobile project has been a unique experience due to the amount of collaboration on everything from solidifying the vision, to budget discussions, to managing our ongoing schedules. We share the same vision and are all working towards the same common goal.” -Tyson Byers

On Bringing The Vision To Life:

Though our tasks and executions vary, each project team involved in T-Mobile’s renovation is working towards making the company’s vision and brilliant ideas a reality.

“T-Mobile wanted to take on this renovation project because they felt that their headquarters did not reflect their current vision as a company. They knew that they must focus on their Seattle campus, a place that is readily seen by clients and which, of course, houses many of their employees. It’s our job here at Andersen, and is at MGAC as well, to really understand and embody that vision. We listen closely to what T-Mobile has to say both in meetings and on the ground every day to effectively drive this project forward. We understand T-Mobile’s mindset and organizational goals. We realize that to them, this project is bigger than just a new space. When this project is complete, it’s going to change the mindset of T-Mobile’s employees and customers, and ultimately change how the world sees the brand.”
-Tyson Byers

On Favorite Project Details:

As project managers, we become completely invested in delivering project outcomes, meaning we are attentive to every single project detail. Many of those details are fun and fascinating — and we always have our favorites. As it turns out, so does the Andersen crew.

“I’m most excited about T-Mobile’s new front door because I think it really speaks to the T-Mobile vision. It will be a very neat and fun design that’s really unique to this campus. I don’t think that there’s another campus in Seattle that has a porte-cochère with sheer aluminum tubes! When you pull onto this campus, you’re going to know it’s the T-Mobile campus. You’ll know right away what they’re all about. Beyond that, once you get past that front door, you’ll discover amazing new amenity spaces for employees that showcase their commitment to the employee experience.” -Tyson Byers

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