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Glenstone, a Maryland museum that blends modern art, nature and contemplation

When we began work on the Glenstone expansion we sought to answer the question: “What if we could build an ending legacy of art, architecture, and landscape?” The expansion was an ambitious one because there wasn’t a model for getting it right, instead, this would be the model. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside the team at Glenstone to create this new kind of museum that invites visitors to truly immerse themselves in the art, the landscape and the moment. Recently, CBS met with Mitch and Emily Rales to reflect on the museum and its recent expansion.

Mitch and Emily Rales built Glenstone on a 230-acre site to share their extraordinary collection of modern and contemporary art. But they wanted to make this a different kind of museum – a blend of art, architecture and nature. “The landscape is meant to loosen you up and let your mind start to wander,” said Mitch.

“It’s not just about the objects that you see; it’s truly an experience,” added Emily.

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