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Construction Executive Magazine: The Whole Nine Yards

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August 3, 2022

Every construction project aims to be one-of-a-kind. High-rise buildings, concrete and austere on the exterior, might feature unique layouts on each floor. Hospitals and shopping centers might display brightly colored tiles. Office buildings might punch things up in the kitchen with exciting cabinets or add movement to workspaces with standing desks.

While each of these nuances enables individual buildings to shine, it’s still difficult to find a construction project that is truly out of the box—a hospital still needs to function as a hospital, an office building must possess the components of an office building.

So, a project for which the owner has allowed a company true creative freedom would really be something.

Enter NFL Los Angeles, the National Football League’s newly completed West Coast headquarters, which serves as the home of NFL Media. It made sense to shift NFL media operations—already located in Los Angeles County, in Culver City, since 2003—to the city of Los Angeles, a global media hub and home to two NFL teams: the Rams and the Chargers. Stan Kroenke and the Kroenke Group contributed the land and the stadium to the NFL’s project, making it downright serendipitous when it was completed in August 2021, just in time for the NFL’s 2021 season, which culminated in the Rams—also owned by Kroenke—winning the Super Bowl right next door, in their own SoFi Stadium.

The tenant fit-out for the NFL began in November 2020 as part of Kroenke’s $5-billion Hollywood Park mixed-use development, NFL Los Angeles had two main project phases. First, Wilson Meany and Pankow delivered the base building and superstructure for the project. NFL Media, which includes NFL.com, NFL Network and the NFL app, claimed four of the building’s seven floors, as well as an additional story in the basement. Then, general contractor Howard Building Corporation built the interiors. MGAC, a project management and consulting firm, and Gensler, a design and architecture firm, completed the interior of the build, bringing the NFL’s vision to life.

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