City of Toronto, Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Project Summary

MGAC was engaged through AECOM by the City of Toronto to implement upgrades to the P Building at Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant. The project involved integrating operations considerations to ensure that the City continues to meet its compliance objective.

The overall project goals were to improve screening and grit removal, modernize and rehabilitate existing aging infrastructure, address the treatment of wet weather flows through CEPT testing, and reduce odors from the area to the extent required by the OCF Air Management Strategy. All upgrades were compatible with the future implementation of a high-rate treatment process.

MGAC’s team provided cost estimating, change management, scheduling, monthly progress reporting, and delay claim defense services to the City of Toronto. Through its extensive understanding of the contract and its application of various delay analysis techniques, the team has successfully negotiated settlements with the contractor concerning its submitted extension of time requests.