Solum Regeneration, Twickenham Railway Station Redevelopment

London, England

Project Summary

Twickenham Railway Station is a major UK suburban transport hub that serves the London commuter belt, the National Rugby Football Union, and Harlequins, a Premiership Rugby Union club. This project consisted of the demolition and construction of a new development above busy operational railway lines, next to a heavily trafficked highway with a road bridge over the lines, which provided a wide array of challenges. The station platforms were to remain operational, so public access was required through and around the site, which added to the logistical and public protection planning challenges.

A significant engineering accomplishment for this project included the construction of a podium above the rail lines to form a new public square to provide access to the ticket office, retail units, and residential blocks.

Enormous bridge beams were transported by road and craned into place over a piled structure during planned temporary closures of the rail lines. The unique logistical and technical challenges of this project, coupled with heightened public interest and a detailed town planning process, created a high level of scrutiny for this landmark project. To smooth the client journey, the MGAC team has provided timely and accurate cost data and managed any financial or contractual issues as they arose.

Because of the high level of stakeholders involved in this project, MGAC facilitated multiple option studies during the preconstruction phase to support early decision-making. The client has recognized MGAC’s contribution and has appointed us to the next phase of works on an adjoining site.