Maryland Stadium Authority, 21st Century Schools, Baltimore City, Technology Standards

Baltimore, Maryland, United States



Project Summary

MGAC has been working with the Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS) through the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA), who provides funding and technology oversight for the 21st Century School Building Plan initiative, to support the renovation and new construction of elementary, middle, and high schools along with administration buildings.

Following a competitive bidding procurement process in 2017, MGAC was awarded a task order contract to evaluate the current technology standards that were being used for all new projects. Working with the various stakeholders, MGAC developed new standards for all technology disciplines to be used for all projects moving forward. In addition to the new standards developed, MGAC developed a standardized basis of design for all technology spaces to ensure consistency across all new projects. The standards document outlined design guidelines, requirements for system functionality and configuration, and standardization of specific equipment to be deployed. This aided in the efficient design development of each project and created uniformity across them. Equipment, cable types, and testing requirements are clearly defined for each system including the data network, audio-visual, VoIP network, DAS system, wireless network, and security system.

Once the standards were developed and approved by all stakeholders, MGAC began work on additional project task orders for renovation and new construction of the elementary, middle and high school program schools. These services have included providing technology project management, owner’s representative services, procurement support, lead technology design, and oversight for the installation of technology spaces, data networks, wireless networks (WiFi and DAS), classroom AV, and structured cabling systems for each building. Our team has been working closely with the architects, engineers, construction management contractors, and technology implementation partners for all systems within the scope. MGAC has also been overseeing and managing the commissioning of the various technology systems after installation prior to turnover and acceptance and the warranty period for each project.

To date, MGAC has been involved in the renovation and / or new construction for 19 BCPS project task orders including the annual updates of City Schools Technology Standards.