Federal Bureau of Investigation, Multiple Projects

Multiple Locations

Project Summary

MGAC’s team of workplace, security, and real estate experts spent 14 years helping the Bureau address the myriad changes resulting from post-9/11 challenges—working side-by-side to support the development of their workplace assets to meet their modern mission.

Through assessing the Bureau’s real estate assets, MGAC revealed an opportunity for real estate consolidation and developed a plan that realigned the Bureau’s real estate portfolio. We provided market research, lease negotiations and execution, lease administration, and lease acquisition and maintenance services.

The completion of successful projects created trust, growing our role and relationship with the Bureau. With this, MGAC stood up an in-house real estate leasing unit in partnership with the GSA, establishing the vision, staffing, budgets, securing leases, tracking metrics, and successfully documenting the program as a best practice for other divisions to emulate. Helping the client understand their real estate was a strategic asset that streamlined their portfolio and saved them millions of dollars.

What began as a real estate asset evaluation evolved into multiple projects in which MGAC helped a national agency redefine its culture, build new facilities, and fulfill its vital mission.