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MGAC Promotions

MGAC Promotions. Text reads "contragulations! 2023 Promotions" on a red banner, surrounded by staff headshots.

We are proud to announce several promotions across the firm. Please join us as we congratulate our colleagues and thank them for the passion they bring to their professions. Well done, team!

Ahsan Ahmed — Senior Project Manager (Chicago)

Henry Anderson — Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Zack Arthus — Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Peter Barber — Associate (London)

Tracey Bernardo — Senior Billing & Collections Specialist (Seattle)

Sarah Brines ­­— Human Resources Manager (Glasgow)

Alex Casey — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

John Crichton — Senior Director (Seattle)

David Custer — Director (Washington, DC)

Matt Davies — Senior Project Manager (London)

Mike Defilippi — Executive Director (Albany)

Mike Etherton — Associate Director (Washington, DC)

Lloyd Evans — Associate Director (Brighton)

Sarah Eynon — Senior Director (Washington, DC)

Mindi Faris — Associate Director (Los Angeles)

Kyle Fenner — Executive Director (Raleigh)

Erin Figueroa — Executive Director, Business Development (Washington, DC)

Alicia Fleming — Associate Director (Toronto)

Chris Foster — Associate Director (Washington, DC)

Ken Foster — Associate Director (Washington, DC)

Rob Garra — Senior Project Manager (New York)

Daniel Gasson — Associate Director (London)

Ross Gates — Managing Director (London)

Amanda Gianola — Associate Director (Washington, DC)

Mark Gilhawley — Senior Director (London)

Jack Gola — Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Ethan Gross — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Kelsey Guglielmo — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Heather Hadrich — Senior Marketing Manager (Washington, DC)

Sam Hakemi — Director (Toronto)

Brent Hanson — Senior Director (Columbus)

Fiona Harshaw — Associate (London)

Will Hay — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

David Hicks — Senior Project Manager (Los Angeles)

Nilesh Jain — Senior Scheduler (Washington, DC)

Todd Jeffcoat — Associate Director (New York)

Jacqualynn Karsten — Director (Seattle)

Erica Killam — Director (Washington, DC)

Sarafina Klopfer — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Lauren Lemcke — Senior Cost Consultant (Brighton)

Kevin Lippincott — Senior Project Manager (Atlanta)

Caroline MacMillan — Talent Acquisition Manager (Washington, DC)

Alex Malloy — Associate Director (London)

Thomas McGrail — Cost Consultant (Birmingham)

Sobia Mehmood — Project Manager (Toronto)

ReNae Mohr — Executive Director (Washington, DC)

Harris Moore — Cost Consultant (Brighton)

Mark Muchmore — Executive Director (Raleigh)

Ben Nardo — Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Joe Olmstead — Associate Director (Washington, DC)

Richard Orr — Information Technology Manager (Washington, DC)

Michael Owen — Financial Analyst (Birmingham)

Tomi Owolabi — Senior Project Manager (London)

Morgan Penny — Cost Consultant (Birmingham)

Ewan Rees — Cost Consultant (London)

Lanette Richardson — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Andrew Roberts — Associate (Brighton)

Jeff Robinson — Senior Project Manager (Washington, DC)

James Robinson — Associate Director (Toronto)

Elyse Roeder — Senior Director (Washington, DC)

Kristi Royalty — Visual Marketing Manager (Washington, DC)

Kevin Ryan — Associate Director (Washington, DC)

Blake Scipio — Senior Project Manager (Columbus)

Alyssa Stipcak — Senior Project Manager (Dallas)

Ian Stokes — Assistant Cost Consultant (Glasgow)

Courtney Tilly — Project Manager (Washington, DC)

Pamela Tremblay — Senior Project Manager (Toronto)

Taylor Tunstall — Senior Project Manager (London)

Isabella Villegas — Executive Director (Toronto)

Maxwell Williams — Project Manager (San Francisco)

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