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MGAC on the Move: Raymond Elementary School


The building process is complex and comes with common—and not-so-common—challenges. Learn more about what we do as Project Managers in our monthly video series, MGAC on the Move. Each month a different member of our team will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at one of their current projects. Now let’s get moving!

This month, Patrick Moloney takes us on a tour of Raymond Elementary School in Washington, DC. The project includes renovation work to two 1920’s buildings, demolition of a 1960’s building, and a new building addition to ultimately create 85,000 GSF of modernized learning space to bring it in line with the District of Columbia Public Schools (“DCPS”) Educational Specifications (“Ed Spec(s)”).


Hello, my name is Patrick Moloney. I am a senior project manager at MGAC, and I'm about to do a tour of the Raymond Elementary School, here in Washington DC. Let's get moving.

The project first started in June 2020. The schedule is about two years, and it will be substantially complete in August 2023. This is the 1923 in the foreground and the 1928 in the background. The 1960s building has been demolished, and we've replaced it with a brand new building. You can see the new connector between the historical building and the kitchen serving area.

This is the historical main entrance to the building. This will be used as a secondary entrance in the new building design. The auditorium includes a historical stage and has some historical plasterwork that the Historical Preservation Board has requested that we save for posterity in the new design. The historic crown molding above the stage will be restored. The auditorium will be converted into a great dining hall for students.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what happens at the Raymond Elementary School. Follow us to see MGAC's next move.

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