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MGAC on the Move: Eighty Strand


The building process is complex and comes with common—and not-so-common—challenges. Learn more about what we do as Project Managers in our monthly video series, MGAC on the Move. Each month a different member of our team will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at one of their current projects. Now let’s get moving!

This month, Howard Price takes us on a tour of the iconic London building Eighty Strand, where the MGAC | RLF team provided project management, cost management, and principal designer services.


Hello, I’m Howard Price and I’m a project director at RLF. I’m here today at our project, Eighty Strand, in London for our client, Strandbrook Limited. Let’s get moving.

Eighty Strand in London is a 13-story, iconic art deco building constructed in the 1930s. It sits in a prominent location on the River Thames. You’ll arrive at the building from the inner courtyard and enter the building through the new steel glass entrance Pavilion.

And into the Pavilion reception, you’ll enter a new double-height lobby space. The fit-out of approximately 160,000 square foot of office space over four floors. Lift lobbies were stripped back and existing stone wall cladding lift and lift front retained. New floors, ceilings, and fire rated glass screens have been installed. And new toilets, meeting and waiting rooms have been created. For the lift lobby, there’s a cafe area and additional seating. The Contractor is still to hand over two floors of office space, further entrance area, and the basement due to be completed in the upcoming months.

I hope enjoyed seeing what’s happening at Eighty Strand. Follow us to see our next move.

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