MGAC Inner Voices: Episode 3

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MGAC Inner Voices is an interview format podcast where a diverse mix of employees are interviewed to share their perspective on challenges they have faced in the AEC industry as a result of their identity—including race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexuality, ability, etc. By discussing the experiences of our staff, our hope is that their stories will have newfound and powerful resonance with the audience—both to comfort others in similar situations and to encourage those in positions of power to bring about positive, actionable changes to workplace environments for all AEC professionals, regardless of their identity.

Bryan Gamez (MGAC Assistant Project Manager, Los Angeles) sits down with Jayson Lacno-Musngi (MGAC Cost Consultant, Los Angeles) on being a first generation American, job site mannerisms, and the importance of a diverse workforce.

Alternative Text
DEI Committee

The MGAC DEI Committee is a staff-led group that establishes initiatives aimed at encouraging employee conversation around issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion including a book club, podcast, calendar of cultural holidays, and more.

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