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MGAC Impacts: Meagan Broyles on Continuous Improvement, Stumbling into Human Resources, and the Importance of Saying Goodbye


The Impact Blog is a spotlight series that highlights and celebrates the diverse employees that make MGAC tick. Beyond their day-to-day schedules, we want to know how they have a greater impact on their colleagues, their company, and the communities in which they live and work. We want to know what makes them get out of bed in the morning, what led them to their current role, and what they hope their lasting impact will be.

Today, we get to know Meagan Broyles, Human Resources Manager at MGAC.

MGAC: Welcome to the Impact series! Let’s start with you telling us a bit about your role.

Meagan Broyles: I’m the Human Resources Manager here at MGAC. My responsibilities cover all areas, from employee relations, benefits, compliance and reporting, payroll, onboarding and offboarding employees, to background checks, immigration processes, and career development.

MGAC: That’s great. What kind of challenges have you been facing due to COVID-19? From an HR perspective, what have these last three months looked like for you?

MB: I think we’ve been pretty lucky that a lot of our employees were already setup with capabilities to continue working and supporting our clients remotely. It certainly is an adjustment for it to be an everyday occurrence, but we’ve used this time to become more efficient in our processes and communication, and to come together as a company. Mark Anderson hosts weekly MGAC Squawk Boxes where he shares important news, updates, and business impacts of COVID-19. We’ve also been sending “Sharing and Caring” e-mails, where employees are able to submit fun photos, stories, recipes, or other things they’re doing. So, while it’s a challenging time, it has really brought us together and has expanded, reengaged, and enhanced our culture.

MGAC: Tell me a little bit about what led you to MGAC and this role.

MB: So, this October will be nine years at MGAC.

MGAC: Wow!

MB: Yeah, long time! I was provided the job description for a Project Coordinator role, by a family member who works at the firm, while I began my job search after college. I applied, landed an interview, and was hired, all without ever telling my family member that I had even applied… I still get some grief for that! I began my MGAC career in Marketing, where I spent several years before moving into an Education and Professional Development position. When the HR Director at the time left the firm, I assumed some of those duties and I ended up enjoying it so much, that I moved into an HR Generalist position, and then the HR Manager role.

MGAC: So, it sounds like you kind of stumbled into the HR space. What is it about this work that made you realize it was where you were meant to be?

MB: Yes, I did! I went to school for Tourism and Events Management. I also studied business, and decided (not so quickly) that I liked it more than the events, although I do keep that experience in my back pocket. I’m constantly awarded the opportunity to expand my skills and capabilities to help others, which is something I value deeply—and how I knew I landed in the right space.

MGAC: Do you have any favorite on-the-job stories or memories? Any anecdote that explains why you love your job so much?

MB: My fondest memories have been the times that I am able to get to know our employees on a personal level, whether that be at a company happy hour, holiday party, summer event, or even sharing what they did over the weekend. When we can break down barriers and build relationships, the real opportunities to support their growth comes to life.

MGAC: What would you say the most challenging aspect of your job is?

MB: It’s the unknown. Anything can happen when it comes to people, so you really have to be flexible, which can be a challenge for my sometimes type A personality. You have to learn how to navigate in the grey areas. That has been one of the biggest challenges, but also the biggest area of growth.

MGAC: What kind of lasting impact do you hope to make both at MGAC and in your community in general?

MB: It is always going to be about whether I can add value. Did I make someone’s day better or easier? Did I help someone get through a challenge they were having? Did I create or improve programs? Did I help contribute to the overall growth, mission, and values of the company or community? If I can say yes to those types of things then that is not only rewarding, but I have succeeded in accomplishing my goals.

MGAC: What gives you energy? From a work perspective or a personal perspective, what energizes you each morning?

MB: Can I answer for both?

MGAC: Absolutely.

MB: From a work standpoint, what gives me energy is being around positive, collaborative people. I enjoy working with employees who are enthusiastic to team up and move things forward through different viewpoints. But what actually gets me out of bed in the morning is my dog scratching at me to take him outside.

MGAC: I can relate to that one.

MB: Recently, he’s been scratching at me and acting like he needs to go out, but then when I get up, he just gets in my warm spot and refuses to leave. 

MGAC: Smart dog. What about your secret to winding down at the end of a long day?

MB: That’s another two-part answer. I first use my car ride home to de-stress and take my mind off of work. Then when I come home, I take my dog for a long walk. But, if I find that I can’t turn my brain off, since I’m constantly running through my to-do list for the next day, I listen to podcasts, music, or something to clear the clutter and just enjoy the scenery.

MGAC: Any good podcast recommendations?

MB: I try to switch it up. Sometimes I go for a Reality TV personality hosted podcast or a crime-related podcast. Or sometimes, it’s daily news. There are so many people branching out into the world of podcasts right now that I don’t like to limit myself to just one genre.

MGAC: How about favorite books? Any books that have changed your life or outlook on life?

MB: I don’t think I can honestly say that a book has changed my life, because I mostly read thrillers or murder mysteries, so that would be a little strange.

MGAC: Ha! That’s fair. What about a quote that inspires you?

MB: It might have to be “Bloom where you’re planted.” I think the first time that really resonated with me was during my high school graduation. It was a part of our commencement speech, and it really applies to not only my career trajectory and evolving roles within MGAC, but also reminds me to really dig in deep with whatever opportunity comes my way and to make the best out of every situation.

MGAC: Awesome. Let’s move into some rapid-fire questions, so feel free to answer these with whatever first comes to mind.

MB: Sounds good.

MGAC: Describe your job in five words or less.

MB: Hmm, my job. Maybe, “always stay on your toes?”

MGAC: What’s the first thing you do when you get to work every day?

MB: Get a cup of coffee and dive right into e-mails / to-do lists.

MGAC: What about the last thing?

MB: Saying a round of goodbyes to everybody on my floor, if people are still there. What I’ve learned over the past few years is that it really makes a difference in your day saying good morning and goodnight to somebody. You feel a sense of belonging, and I like to make sure employees know that we care about them even by simply wishing them a good night.

MGAC: I love that. What is the strangest thing we may find in your work bag or desk?

MB: Hmm. I can’t even say construction boots, because that’s so typical for our industry.

MGAC: I actually haven’t heard that one yet!

MB: Okay, well then construction boots! People may think that’s odd for me to have in HR, but I like taking advantage of any opportunity when a PM stops by my office and says, “Hey, do you want to go see this project?”

MGAC: What can’t you leave your home without? What’s always in your purse or pocket?

MB: It’s really sad, but my cell phone.

MGAC: What about your go-to lunch order?

MB: I typically bring my lunch, but if I were to step out from the office, I’d likely go and get a salad or bowl from Chop’t.

MGAC: What’s your biggest goal for 2020?

MB: I am currently studying to earn the Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) credential. It will be rewarding to bring even more knowledge, skills, and capabilities to the firm and our employees in support of our overall mission and goals.

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