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Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

This week, we’re commemorating National Apprenticeship Week! An apprenticeship involves a blend of hands-on job training and part-time academic study. The week-long celebration aims to promote awareness of the numerous advantages apprenticeships can provide.

In the realm of construction, apprenticeship programmes are increasingly gaining popularity as a means of employing entry-level staff who receive a salary from the company while dedicating one day a week to academic studies. For instance, to become a Quantity Surveyor, a 5-year programme is undertaken by individuals straight out of school, culminating in the acquisition of a university degree.

At MGAC, we bring individuals in at the trainee level, provide them with a salary, and facilitate their attendance at university once a week, enabling them to work towards their degree over a 5-year period. Currently, MGAC has four apprentices in our Birmingham office and one in our London office, each progressing through different stages of the programme.

As an employer, we contribute to the industry’s growth and the attraction of a more diverse talent pool by not restricting our graduate intake to those who can afford traditional forms of education. We also invest time and attention in training young individuals for the professional world, offering mentorship and coaching. In return, we gain enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who demonstrate resilience and an impressive work ethic, balancing work and study at a young age.

Are you interested in learning more or joining our Apprenticeship Programme? Reach out to Melani King, our Director of Talent.

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