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Behind the Build: The People, Passion, and Moments that Make a Project


MGAC was founded with the promise to take on the most interesting and challenging project ideas and make them a reality. Over the years, we have been enlisted to work on so many of these once-in-a-lifetime projects—work that has shaped skylines, pushed the boundaries of the built environment, and brought communities closer together. Every new ask is just as exciting as the first, and we are forever humbled by the opportunity we have to leave our small mark on the world around us. For us, this is the kind of work that never gets old, and we are immensely proud of our project portfolio.

Behind every one of these successful deliveries is an exceptional team we are proud to call our own, a network of partners we are fortunate to call friends, and a growing base of the best clients we could ask for—those that dream big, dare to do something new, and believe in more than brick and mortar. There are a million small steps, countless conversations, a multitude of carefully-calibrated decisions that take place between Day One and that long-awaited project delivery day. Those are the moments that make a project. Because it is in those moments that we carve away at challenges and the impossible moves closer in reach.

In our new monthly blog series, we will revisit these very moments as we delve into the ways our talented, passionate team makes each of our projects possible. We look forward to having you here with us as we go Behind the Build.

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