Court Collaboration, One Eastside

Birmingham, England

Project Summary

Court Collaboration’s One Eastside is a luxury residential skyscraper in one of Birmingham’s most sought-after postcodes, located near the planned Curzon Street HS2 Station. Towering at 160 metres, this new build is set to be the city’s tallest residential scheme and its second tallest building.

The development comprises two distinct blocks: a towering 51-storey structure and a smaller 15-floor counterpart. Together, they house 667 fully serviced living spaces, each flaunting a sleek, white, modernist design. The building boasts premium communal facilities such as a gym, cinema, café, sky terrace, meeting rooms, and adaptable workspaces, enhancing the overall living experience.

The project’s goal was to bolster Birmingham’s housing market, aligning with the city’s sustainable growth plans, and offering top-notch living spaces for its residents. The building’s white-fluted facade not only echoes the charm of Birmingham’s Victorian architecture but also provides effective sound insulation and ventilation.

MGAC's Role

MGAC played a pivotal role in this project, offering cost management services throughout its development. Our team worked in close collaboration with other stakeholders to formulate a comprehensive budget that reflected the project’s luxury standards. We have expanded our involvement to include project management and health + safety services.


Building such a monumental structure presented unique architectural challenges, especially in integrating various communal amenities effectively while optimizing space usage. Yet, the most formidable challenge came even before the design phase: the team had to demolish an existing contaminated structure on the site and undertake thorough remediation to prepare for construction.

Success Factors

MGAC is proud to contribute our expertise to One Eastside. Our background in constructing tall buildings, understanding the private rented sector/build-to-rent specifications, and extensive experience in managing complex projects within budgetary limits have been invaluable in bringing this ambitious vision to life.