Court Collaboration, One Eastside

Birmingham, England

Project Summary

Court Collaboration’s One Eastside is a luxury residential skyscraper in one of Birmingham’s most sought-after postcodes, just next to the Curzon Street HS2 Station. At a whopping 160 metres, this new build would become the city’s tallest residential scheme, and its second tallest building.

In fact, two new building blocks were constructed: one with 51 floors, the other with 15. Combined, they contain 667 fully-serviced residential units, with beautiful white, modernist exteriors. Top-tier communal amenities, including a gym, cinema, café, sky terrace, meeting space, and flexible working areas are all cherries on top.

The client aimed to promote housing in Birmingham, to meet the city’s vision for sustainable growth, while providing high-quality accommodation for residents. Its white-fluted exterior mirrors Birmingham’s Victorian façades, while proving sound insulation and ventilation.

MGAC's Role

MGAC provided cost management services throughout development. We worked closely with the team to develop a robust budget to deliver the works, which must live up to a feeling of high-end quality. Our team is now also providing project management and health + safety services.


Of course, constructing a towering skyscraper comes with unique design challenges. We also had to find ways to incorporate various communal facilities, in a way that would best serve residents while making valuable use of space.

The greatest challenge, however, made these feel like a walk in one of One Eastside’s gardens. Before we could roll up our sleeves for design solutions, we had to demolish a contaminated building on this site, and ensure any damage was fully remediated.

Success Factors

MGAC was happy to bring our talents to this development. We had previous experience with tall buildings construction, knowledge of Private Rented Sector / Build-to-Rent requirements, and of course, many years of collective experience delivering ambitious projects within budget constraints.