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How the IRC Sector Can Tackle the Net-Zero Carbon Challenge


As part of ARCO‘s Advisory Council, MGAC | RLF’s Ross Gates came together with other experts to publish a new report highlighting how the Integrated Retirement Community sector can tackle the Net-Zero Carbon challenge.

Sourced from the ARCO Advisory Council Net-Zero Report.

In the Integrated Retirement Community sector, we often talk about longevity. The opportunities and challenges that come with greater longevity of life for older people. The need to provide housing and care settings that enable older people to flourish and stay healthy during these extra years.

But this is not the only meaning of longevity for our sector. Just as important for our planet – and the people living on it – are the steps Integrated Retirement Communities are taking, and can take in the years ahead, to preserve and protect the environment on behalf of future generations.

Click here to read the full report.

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