The heart of our culture is our people. People with passion, who lead with curiosity (not judgement), and do whatever it takes to get the work done and done right.

MGAC is modern and dynamic, it is a company which encourages ingenuity, individuality, and inclusivity. I’m proud to be part of a business which is ambitious and strives to strengthen its reputation based on authentic and quality delivery. MGAC’s people are what makes the business unique, I feel supported to constantly face new challenges with the confidence to stand in my power.

Jai Beyer​​​​, MRICS  |  Project Manager

Working at MGAC means working among the most brilliant and talented minds in construction. Since starting at MGAC, I have been afforded many opportunities to grow both as a professional and a person; this is a company where your potential will never be limited. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the MGAC team.

Lexie Mayewski  |  Project Manager

An Impact Beyond MGAC

From bookworms to sports fanatics, backyard gardeners to world travelers—everyone at MGAC has a passion beyond the professional. The impact series highlights and celebrates our people. What makes them tick? What gets them up in the morning? What impact do they hope to have?

Testimonials from the Team

Hear firsthand from our team members to see what it’s like to work at MGAC.

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Vincent McLaughlin |  Project Manager
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Harris Moore |  Cost Consultant

An Award-Winning Place to Work

We are proud of our past successes, but that doesn’t mean we are done here. Every day is an opportunity to create a better place where people can work, grow, and live.

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If you're someone who:

  • workspace_premiumTakes smart risks and embraces courageous failures.
  • diversity_2Acts as a catalyst—inspiring, creating, collaborating.
  • hearingListens, learns, and seeks to understand multiple perspectives.
  • temp_preferences_customSupports every individual’s unique contributions.

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If our Fundamentals inspire you; if you have the skills and desire to do the kind of work that starts from the ground up—that is tangible, real, and endures, we invite you to get to know us.