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We go all in, pursuing every project and relationship with energy that inspires.

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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

We are a workplace where individuals are celebrated, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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Integrity. Transparency. Commitment.

The MGAC Fundamentals are at the core of everything we do—and what continues to set us apart. They guide our words and actions, from the boardroom to the breakroom and everywhere in between. Because holding ourselves to the highest standard uplifts our interactions, our projects, and our outcomes.

1. We are brave.

It is our duty to report to our clients the good and the bad. Bad news is not wine or cheese: it does not improve with age. We are brave enough to tell our clients the potentially unpopular news because it is our duty, and we are brave enough to have difficult internal conversations because it is our responsibility.

2. We are direct.

Talking behind our fellow MGAC colleagues' backs is unacceptable. If you have something to say, say it directly without an intermediary. We are all adults, and talking around someone builds office politics and mistrust.

3. We are positive.

We are here to solve problems, meet needs, and fill gaps. If things were perfect before you got there, you wouldn't be needed to solve things. Be positive about it. What could be more affirming than a client sorely needing your presence?

4. We are client driven.

Our client's business mission is our own. Our clients put a roof over our head, buy our groceries, and feed our children. We always do what is best for our client. When our client has a need, we do everything we can to exceed their expectations.

5. We are restless.

Complacency is hardening of a company's arteries, and can be fatal. We are always looking for ways of improving, bettering our client's mission, improving our professionalism, and growing MGAC's diversity and economic strength.

6. We are professional.

In our appearance, our communications, and our everyday interactions. How we present ourselves has a direct impact on the perceived value we bring to our clients.

7. We are entrepreneurial.

Not everyone needs to cold call for new clients, but networking, sharing information, keeping our ears open, asking current clients, vendors, and design teams what they see in the future, and looking for new opportunities is an expectation.

8. We are communicative.

Two heads are always better than one, and the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Sharing issues, opportunities, and intelligence yields better results. Two brains should be always aware of your project, its needs and issues.

9. We believe in quality.

Everything we send out is a direct reflection of our values, our value to our clients, and who we are as a company (aka brand). Two sets of eyes on every client facing document is key to quality. Proof emails, spreadsheets, utilize built in "checks," and rely on the English majors to check your grammar.

10. We listen more than we speak.

Quiet your inner dialogue and commentary as someone is speaking to you, and truly listen to what they are saying. Don't compose your response while they are still speaking. Think twice before opening your mouth, or hitting send. No, actually think four or five times.

11. We have humility.

Be humble. We are guests of our clients during our tenure on their projects, and their projects are their children we are minding. Be honored by their trust and humbled by the responsibility.

12. We are curious.

If you don't know, find out. If we accept the "that's the way it has always been done" attitude, then we aren't a solution. We have become part of the problem.

13. We are thought leaders.

Be knowledgeable about our company, our industry, and your client's business. Bringing an innovative "outside the box" thinking, and an execution- oriented mindset will be rewarded by our clients 99.9% of the time.

14. We execute and deliver.

Endless deliberation does not finish projects. We make decisions; sometimes we make mistakes. It is OK to make a mistake, provided one executes and corrects with integrity.

15. We lean forward.

Anticipate issues and turn them into positive opportunities for problem solving. Avoid the errors resulting from last minute decisions.

16. We are accountable.

To our clients, our partners, and our MGAC colleagues. We don't look to blame, we look to solve. We say what we will do and we do what we say.

17. We are ethical.

If you couldn't tell your mom or your spouse, or see it in the paper in the light of the day, you shouldn't do it. Similarly, perception is as important as fact. If you have a question about whether something smells right, ask. Disclosure of a potential conflict vets the issue and frequently solves the problem.

18. We get involved.

Whether it's a professional, civic, or charitable organization, your participation makes a difference.

19. We are thrifty.

We treat our firm's resources and our clients' resources as if they were our own.

20. We check our ego at the door.

Being concerned with who gets the credit, who looks good, and who looks bad, is counter-productive. Making the best decision for the good of the client or MGAC must always be paramount.

A community-centered approach to corporate impact.

We care deeply about the impact we have on our clients and the communities in which we live and work—reinvesting resources and empowering employee engagement.

If you are someone who:

  • workspace_premiumTakes smart risks and embraces courageous failures
  • diversity_2Acts as a catalyst—inspiring, creating, collaborating
  • hearingListens, learns, and seeks to understand multiple perspectives
  • temp_preferences_customSupports every individual’s unique contributions

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