The Metropolitan Club

Washington, DC

MGAC served as Project Manager for multiple renovations in this historic 80,000 SF building, totaling $10 million. Projects included the expansion of the 1904 original library into a neighboring building, renovation of the historic entrance, creation of new offices, hotel room renovations, installation of a new elevator, ADA upgrades, systems analysis, and complete HVAC replacement project. The club remained open continuously, which required incredible planning and is a testament to the entire team.

Expansion of the historic library included a new climate controlled rare books room. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places, and careful planning was required in order to obtain necessary approvals for the work. MGAC worked closely with various committees and changing leadership, to ensure businesslike and professional behavior from every single person who touched this project, down to the pipe-fitters and finish carpenters.

In order to preserve the historic character of the building, each project incorporated complex design details, including herringbone wood floors, built-in raised panel mill-work and doors, and marble tile. Some projects also involved the handling and accommodation of priceless art, including Theodore Roosevelt’s prized stuffed otter from his Siberian hunting expeditions.


80,000 SF


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