Antelope Valley Hospital, Replacement Hospital

Lancaster, CA

MGAC is providing cost planning for this new, 230-bed, 356,000 SF hospital. The new hospital will replace existing facilities, originally constructed in the 1950s and most recently expanded in 1988, that are unable to meet the State of California's new seismic safety standards. Renovations to the existing hospital were considered but deemed infeasible due to the scale of the necessary structural and MEP modifications and the likelihood of significant operational disruption. Additionally, the constrained size of the hospital’s current site sharply limits opportunities for expansion to meet growing needs among the community. Antelope Valley Hospital provides what is currently the only trauma center within 50 miles, making their capacity to handle any increases in demand a vital and urgent priority. The new hospital will double the capacity of the existing pediatrics unit, increase emergency room capacity and reduce wait times, and expand community access to senior services. The scope of work for this project also includes a 21,600 SF central utility plant, ground-based heliport, and over 870,000 SF of sitework.


356,000 SF
21,600 SF Utility Plant
870,000 SF Sitework


Cost Management



Credit: RBB Architects Inc.


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