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Critical to Achieving Successful Project Outcomes

By using data gathering, data management, and analytical processes, we are able to predict, understand, and influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program.

A successful project is dependent on appropriate planning. Time, cost, and quality must be constantly managed, calibrated, and balanced. The most efficient and effective way to achieve this success is to develop a suitable project controls system as part of the overall project management plan. Project controls includes data gathering, data management, and analytical processes used to predict, understand, and constructively influence a project or program’s time and cost outcomes.

Working from feasibility and programming through design, construction, and close-out, we use our expertise and benchmark data to develop initial budget and schedule strategies. We align project scope with available funding, explore cost- and schedule-effective design alternatives, and provide up-to-date estimates reflective of a project’s probable construction cost and timeline to complete.

Our cost, risk, and schedule services are structured to be imaginative, timely, and accurate, delivering independent information and recommendations you can count on to make a measurable difference. We provide cost and schedule accuracy and certainty early in the project to allow informed decisions to be made at every stage of delivery.

Detailed Services

  • Program Master Schedule  
  • Monthly Schedule Reviews  
  • Risk Management / Analysis (Workshops and Tracking)  
  • Mitigation Strategy  
  • Monte Carlo Analysis  
  • Change Management  
  • Controls Contract / Procurement Consulting  
  • Total Project Cost Controls  
  • Earned Value Management  
  • Value Engineering  
  • Bid Evaluation and Negotiation  
  • Cash Flow Reporting  
  • Claims Analysis and Settlement  
  • Performance Consulting  
  • Forensic Schedule Analysis  
  • Lifecycle Cost Assessment  
  • Total Cost of Ownership 

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