Sectors / Cultural
Preserving and presenting art from the past and into the future.

Cultural landmarks like museums and performing arts centers are more than containers for works of art and music. They are anchors in our communities that inspire, educate, and connect us to the mediums and melodies that arouse our senses. From museum and exhibit construction to art facility renovations, the MGAC team has served as project managers and trusted advisors for private and publicly funded cultural projects worldwide. Our breadth of experience in this arena ensures we can balance historic architecture with modern technology, manage international creative teams, minimize disruptions in active spaces, ensure the preservation of priceless artifacts, and deftly navigate the economics and politics of delivering high-profile cultural institutions.

The MGAC team has also managed the art installation process, from initial concept and contract negotiations to fabrications and completion, for projects across the globe. We want our artists to focus on creating works that transform people and spaces, so we focus on protecting their interests, managing risk, and overcoming logistical complexities while they bring their vision to life.

For three decades, we have worked on some of the world's most visited and highly recognized arts and cultural institutions.


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