Project: LAX Terminal 4 Connector Building, Los Angeles, CA

What if you could enhance the international travel experience at one of the world’s busiest airports?

Serving nearly 74.9 million passengers annually, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the seventh busiest airport in the world and the third busiest in the United States. All that foot traffic can lead to backup for travelers rushing to make connecting flights across the u-shaped airport’s nine terminals. That’s why when Los Angeles World Airports began its $14 billion LAX Modernization Program, it began by making improvements to one of its most congested areas – the connection between Terminal 4 and the new Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT).

We joined the Terminal 4 Connector team to provide cost and risk management throughout the design phase of the $159 million project. The Connector seeks to reduce travel distances and wait times, as well as ease the transfer of checked luggage between the domestic and international terminals. Specific components include a checked baggage inspection system, a baggage transfer facility, and a five-lane passenger security screening checkpoint. For passengers traveling between TBIT and Terminals 5-8, the South Terminals Passenger Bus Port now provides easy transportation. The building also features a rooftop public plaza with outdoor seating and an array of retail, restaurant, and relaxation amenities. Now open, the Terminal 4 Connector creates a direct link between the two busy terminals – and enhances the LAX traveler experience for visitors from around the world.


LAX Terminal 4 Connector Building


Los Angeles, CA


74,000 SF


California Green Certification


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