Case Study :

Fortune 500 Financial Institution Data Center, Richmond, Virginia, United States

What if our business had the infrastructure to grow
with confidence?

01  Challenge


The mergers and acquisitions trend has taken the business world by storm – resulting in the growth, diversification, and market expansion of firms and corporations at a pace unlike any other in history. For this financial institution, one of the top ten banks in the United States, this rapid growth came with its fair share of concerns. Their recent acquisition of multiple smaller banks and businesses revealed a need for a centralized data footprint and their aging facilities were not designed to support their modern business. Knowing that they would continue to grow, what could they do to proactively plan for the future? Their first step was developing a $500M data center consolidation program – collapsing their core IT services into two existing enterprise data centers, and a brand new, state-of-the-art Tier IV facility.

02  Solution


The consolidation program was key to the company’s long-term growth – and it hinged on the success of the new data center. To ensure it received the attention it deserved, the company hired an industry expert, and former MGAC client, to lead the program rollout. He needed this project to go well – and wanted a team he could trust. His first act was engaging MGAC as owner’s representative and project manager, and we hit the ground running. In addition to leading the site selection process, we coordinated multiple consultants and brokers, and assembled a professional services team – architect, engineer, commissioning agent and construction manager – with a demonstrated working relationship and history of delivering on an accelerated schedule.

03  Schedule


To begin the rest of their consolidation plan, this new data center facility needed to be up and running quickly. But when our client proposed an aggressive two-year timeline, everyone said it couldn’t be done – everyone except us. In fact, after careful planning and assessment, and to the disbelief of many within the client team, our experts identified additional time-saving opportunities and promised delivery within a short sixteen months.

This was understandably a busy time for our clients, and we knew keeping them engaged throughout the project would be one of the biggest challenges to our aggressive timeline. To mitigate this risk, we leveraged previous project cost metrics to align scope, schedule, and budget early on in the process which resulted in timely C-suite approvals that kept the project on schedule. Not only did we deliver exactly when we said we would, we came in well under budget – saving our client both time and money in the process.

04  Results


The final 240,000 SF hardened structure included 54,000 SF of white space, supporting 10.8 MW of critical load with a Tier IV topology.

The LEED Gold data center won a Green Enterprise IT Award and a Facility Design Innovation Award from the Uptime Institute.

05  Ongoing Relationship

During this project, our client acquired another top bank’s domestic credit card business and the data center that supported it. Facing another critical asset assessment and overhaul project, they once again called on us to protect their significant investment – and those of their customers.

project services

  • Project Management
  • Site Selection
  • Funding Approvals
  • Budget / Schedule Creation and Management
  • Construction Management
  • Vendor Sourcing and Coordination
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