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To make the greatest impact on the communities they serve, non-profit organizations need to look at the world a little differently. Where some see a budget line item, you see 100 more meals. Where others see a building, you see a strategic investment and long-term asset. We make it our practice to see the world through our clients' eyes – that's why we work to help you operate efficiently, maintain a sustainable fiscal strategy, mitigate risk, and seek cost-savings wherever possible.

From relocations and move management to tenant improvements and build-to-suit projects, we've helped an array of non-profit organizations create the spaces they need, value engineering the process every step of the way to ensure the highest quality and function at the lowest possible cost. Because every penny, minute, and worry saved is better spent on the people, communities, and mission you serve.

“It is definitely very attractive for us to be around people that you can trust, that give you a straight answer, are innovative, and can solve problems. You don't always find that in a lot of trades or disciplines but time and time again, we find that at MGAC.”

- Eric Korsvall, Director of Operations, The Heritage Foundation

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We're driven by a sense of ownership and personal engagement on behalf of our clients. What we do isn't a nine-to-five job, and the success of every project is incredibly personal. We believe this kind of commitment can't be taught – it's inherent in people or not. That's why we handpick the most committed, skilled, and experienced experts we can find. We invite you to get to know us.

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Greta Perry

Vice President


Program & Project Management

Team Assembly & Management

Budgeting & Cost Modeling

Site Analysis

Design Management

Construction Procurement Strategy

Construction Oversight

FF&E Procurement & Oversight

Relocation Management

Technology Planning & Integration


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We’re attuned to the specific needs of an array of project types – from retail and entertainment to mixed-use and residential. This breadth of experience helps guide intelligent decision-making and fuels our determination and ability to keep even the most complex projects on-schedule and on-budget.


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