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Steve Hay

Managing Director

I’m a Pennsylvania native with over 15 years of construction management, project management, and program management experience supporting clients on various needs from new development projects to managing capital programs and portfolios encompassing millions of square feet.

From summer jobs as a surveyor to working as a carpenter in college, construction has always been something that interested and excited me and working as an Owner’s Representative has always been the goal. I thrive on problem-solving and enjoy bringing a solutions-based approach to delivering high quality work on time and under budget, and in this role, we have the ability to truly impact project outcomes and deliver amazing projects.

At MGAC, we lead our partners in delivering solutions. We focus on leaning forward, anticipating challenges and issues as we execute our client’s visions. Our ability to consistently deliver complex projects is exactly the challenge I look forward to at work. Stepping back and being able to say “we did that” or “we built that” is what I appreciate the most.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my wife and our two sons. They are my inspiration to keep leaning forward and looking for new challenges at work.

The ability to work with the best and brightest in a company that promotes growth and autonomy is very rare and what makes MGAC such a great place to work. This culture is a key part of our success and why working here remains exciting.


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