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Sandra Grande

Senior Vice President, Marketing

I have always been a highly visual person and, at a young age my parents confidently predicted I would one day become an architect or designer. While they did not quite hit the nail on the head, they were not too far off—for the last 18 years, I have worked within the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Today, I serve as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at MGAC, overseeing firmwide internal and external marketing and communications efforts from our Los Angeles office. Prior to coming to MGAC, I worked as a Principal and Director of Marketing for ZGF just short of 14 years.

Beyond my creative inclination, is a desire to see past the design of projects to dissect and truly understand all of the pieces at play. That aspiration, many years ago, led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University. Today, I enjoy the opportunity I have to not only see awe-inspiring projects unfold, but to play a hand in making them possible and to share those stories as they develop. No two days are the same in my work, and I would not have it any other way.

I have been fortunate to call England, France, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and now California home. Each of these places has fostered a global perspective I often lean on in my work. I love to draw inspiration from my colleagues, the ever changing world of construction and architectural design, and from my family. Outside of the office, I remain involved in several professional organizations, including the Society for Marketing Professional Services and the American Institute of Architects. Additionally, while not at work, you will find me planning my next trip, ocean kayaking, or volunteering at my children’s school in Los Angeles.

I was told early on when I moved to Los Angeles that many marketers in this industry were self-taught and that if I enjoyed it, given my formal training, I could make a career out of it. All these years later, it is exciting to see how much has evolved in this field and how much I can continue to contribute.


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