Vermont Corridor Redevelopment , Los Angeles, CA

The Vermont Corridor Redevelopment is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between Los Angeles County and Trammell Crow to revitalize three sites along Vermont Avenue, which experienced significant deterioration in recent years. Currently home to multiple county-owned office buildings, each site will be redeveloped to create a vibrant, mixed-use destination. The County will use a portion of its property for private development, while using associated revenue to offset construction costs for a much-needed new County office building.

MGAC worked with the Community Development Commission of Los Angeles County to perform developer proposal analysis and developer procurement. With three separate sites, each with a distinct mix of uses, MGAC performed our evaluation while balancing developer and community needs and expectations.

Credit: Gensler

Credit: Gensler

Credit: Gensler


Vermont Corridor Redevelopment


Los Angeles, CA


480,000 SF Office & Retail;
200+ Housing Units


Cost Management


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