Undisclosed Healthcare Provider


MGAC was engaged by an undisclosed healthcare providers IT Operations and Real Estate Teams to evaluate one of their data centers against industry recognized standards to identify areas of non-compliance. The focus of the standards compliance review was to evaluate the Site, Building Envelope, Data Hall, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing support infrastructure, Fire Protection, Tel / Data Communications, Physical, and Electronic Security aspects of the facility. Also noted were any attributes that would impact the reliability or resiliency of the facilities systems. The report included detailed findings, recommendations for improvements, and budgetary estimates to complete remediation activities. Following the facility assessment, MGAC was asked to develop a high-level concept plan for the expansion of the data center’s capacity for power, space, and cooling to accommodate growing compute platforms. The concept plan included architectural layouts, equipment plans, incoming telecom circuit enhancements, and narratives for the expansion of the infrastructure support systems. The development plan also included a comprehensive cost model comparing the expansion and upgrade of the existing facility to the costs associated with building a new facility on an adjacent parcel of land to meet the growing demands of the Hospital system.


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