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Scripps Health, Mercy San Diego Replacement Hospital

San Diego, CA

MGAC is currently providing design stage cost management services on the Scripps Health Mercy campus which comprises a new hospital tower, new hospital support building, medical office building, subterranean parking, and site work (including site utility infrastructure tie-ins to the existing Central Utility Plant). These projects combine both OSHPD-1 and OSHPD-3 buildings, as well as non-OSHPD projects with a combined area of approximately 850,000 SF.

These projects will be constructed in a phased and sequenced multi-year timeline that is interconnected and interdependent. MGAC is providing both individual project costs, as well as overall program wide costs that incorporate the various temporary works requirements, escalation for individual project timeline, and multi-trade packages spread across the individual building projects. Our team has established a single cost report that allows the cost data to be reviewed in multiple forms, either by building or by trade across all buildings. This allows Scripps Health to quickly track estimated costs against budget, as well as monitor costs being developed by the General Contractor.


850,000 SF;
530 Beds;
10 Surgery Units


Cost Management




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