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Resonance, Princeton, NJ

When Princeton University envisioned a new building to house their growing chemistry department, they saw more than just classrooms and lab space. The new Frick Chemistry Laboratory, financed by the university’s proceeds from the development of cancer drug Alimta, is a sustainable, efficient, and state-of-the-art facility that highlights the scientific work that takes place in its halls. Most striking is the facility’s 75-foot glass roof atrium that serves as both as a connection and gathering space – and the molecularly-inspired artwork, Resonance, suspended above it all.

Resonance is a site-specific sculpture commissioned for The Frick Chemistry Lab as a part of a long-term initiative to increase the presence of art in Princeton’s new campus construction. Members of the Campus Art Steering Committee commissioned artist Kendall Buster to complete the sculpture, which reflects the artist's training in both art and microbiology. We served as owner’s representative for the artist, protecting her interests and vision from conception through complex installation with both the university and the design and construction team. The sculpture consists of six groupings of ovoid shaped forms suspended on stainless steel aircraft cable and attached to the structural steel beams of the building. Built with lightweight industrially powder-coated steel frames and covered in semi-transparent outdoor shade-cloth, the surface of each form allows light to both penetrate and reflect. The final result is a molecularly-inspired piece that changes according to the time of day – inspiring and captivating students and faculty alike with the mystery and beauty behind the science they love.

Credit: Kendall Buster

Credit: Kendall Buster

Credit: Kendall Buster

Credit: Kendall Buster

Credit: Kendall Buster




Princeton, NJ


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