Queens University, Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Queen’s University sought to create a world-class facility for its Department of Film and Media that could provide valuable teaching, rehearsal, and performance space. MGAC won a public solicitation to manage the delivery of this state-of-the-art 80,000 SF project on Lake Ontario, achieving the dramatic vision of the architectural team, while protecting the interest of our client.

MGAC began the project by managing a public design exercise, where representatives from the neighborhood, the design community, City Planners and elected officials participated in a day-long workshop. At the end of the session, all the ideas were gathered together and presented to the participants. Subsequently, the project team developed the solution with the most community support.

Delivery of the Centre’s interior required careful planning, sequencing, and monitoring of a complex construction schedule. For instance, the ceiling of the performance hall, composed of wood veneered, six-inch pre-cast concrete slabs, was installed piece-by-piece. Each slab was lowered through the roof down three feet of scaffolding, placed on a trundle bed to be rolled to its final position, then hoisted into place and welded to the structure.

The project’s secluded setting created significant logistical challenges for the procurement team. MGAC navigated severe winter weather conditions to secure the materials and equipment necessary to complete construction in time for the start of the 2014 academic year. The completed $63 million facility has become more than a valuable teaching, rehearsal, and performance space—it’s a cultural landmark that enhances both the campus and the surrounding community.


80,000 SF

Credit : Lorne Bridgman
Credit : Lorne Bridgman
Credit : Lorne Bridgman
Credit : Lorne Bridgman
Credit : Lorne Bridgman


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